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Earth from space

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"Esoteric: of sacred or special ​knowledge."

"Exoteric: intended for the general public."

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Earth from space

Announcing a new project that I am ​excited about.....

Esoteric earth ​Creation​s

Podcasts, videos, and immersive


Making the ​esoteric ​exoteric, one ​story at a time.

Creations Featuring:

Our changing Earth: ​Instances of Astrological ​and Cosmic Significance

Sacred Earth: Sites and ​adventures visiting them

Psychopomp Stories

Geomancy and ​metaphysics and what ​they teach us about ​Earth & our place in ​this Universe

Announcing my first production

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I happily receive sponsorship inquiries to ​katieindicrow@gmail.com.

Also receiving requests to come align your land.

Gifts of support covering production and hosting costs as I pursue ​the vision are gratefully received to:

BuyMeACoffee (you may remain anonymous by not filling in your ​name.)

Thanks for visiting!

I appreciate you taking these moments to check out ​this new vision

as well as for all the support over the years. ​Esoteric Earth has always been in my heart.

Your enthusiasm encouraged me to finally

take the leap. I hope you like these stories.


Katie IndiCrow