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"Esoteric: of sacred or special ​knowledge."

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I am a psychopomp, trained ​anthropologist, and a specialist ​on the sacred structure of this ​planet. My creations uniquely ​blend research and lived ​experiences from the ​metaphysical and academic ​realms.

My name is Katie ​IndiCrow

Earth from space

Announcing a new project that I am ​excited about.....

Esoteric earth ​Creation​s

Podcasts, videos, and immersive experiences ​inspired by our sacred planet.


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Creations and Content Featuring:

Our changing Earth: ​Instances of Astrological ​and Cosmic Significance

Sacred Earth: Sites and ​adventures visiting them

Psychopomp Stories

Metaphysics for ​everyday life

Announcing my first production

Episode List:

Episode 1

Th​e Path of the Crow

Crows (and Crow people) are known for ​having the ability to see the unseen and ​being able to speak it. They are often ​regarded as wisdom holders capable of ​bringing people between worlds. In other ​words, Crows (and Crow people) are ​psychopomps.

I first realized I was on the path of the ​Crow at five years old when I looked out ​my window to a sea of souls waiting for me ​to take them somewhere. Since then, I ​have been on the soul superhighway.

In this instalment, I introduce myself to ​you and talk a little bit about what my life ​is like living in between worlds and why I ​decided to tell my stories.

Episode available on YT: Psychopomp ​Stories: Esoteric Earth Channel - YouTube

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Ep​isode 2

Th​e Grotto of the Magdalene

The story of the time I got called to the ​Grotto of Mary Magdalene in France to ​repair it. The Grotto is one of the key soul ​crossing points of planet Earth.

Mary Magdalene is one of the most ​powerful psychopomps who has ever ​lived. I am frequently called to sites about ​'her' to ensure clear and free crossings of ​the souls who venture there.

This is a site that proclaims to hold her ​skull. People travel from around the world ​to visit it and receive themselves each day. ​As sometimes happens, these sites get ​'dirty' and fall out of repair. This was the ​case of the Grotto when I went there.

In this instalment, I tell about being called ​to the Grotto and what I did to repair it.

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Meeting the Souls of the Titanic

As life and alignments would have it, I found ​myself living in between two Titanic gravesites ​in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Though this city was ​never the destination for the ship, it was three ​Halifax ships that went to retrieve the people. It ​was also these two spaces that became the final ​resting place for the people that were retrieved ​by them. Now these cemeteries serve as Titanic ​pilgrimage sites. In this way, Halifax, Nova Scotia ​became part of the Titanic story.

How did I become involved? Well, it just kind of ​happened. One afternoon out walking, I found ​myself in front of a placard that told me this was ​a burial site for the people of the Titanic. As I ​approached the gravemarkers, I felt the souls ​start to communicate with me. As it turns out, ​there were several who were ready for their ​journey, there was unfinished business that ​needing hearing, and there was a grief net that ​needed lifting. Would I be able to help them lift ​it?

Of course, I said yes.

The Titanic is a story, a ship, and a memory that ​stands out in the hearts and minds of so many. ​In part, because of the collective upset of the ​end that 1500 souls met on that cold April ​morning. I (we) are happy to tell you that many ​of those souls have met their resting point. They ​are at peace now. Those who remain have ​messages to share.

Snow Covered Trees

Episode 3​

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Ep​isode 4

My​ Disappearance Acts

My life as a psychopomp has been all over ​the place. I have lived in 20 houses in the last ​20 years, and through that engaged ​thousands of energies. The constants for me ​are: my husband, the call of the Universe, ​and figuring out what I have to do to answer ​it most safely and effectively. Sometimes, ​that has entailed doing things that were very ​hard for other people to understand. For the ​past decade or so especially, that has been ​most of the time. I am in one place for a ​second, then at another. When I am working ​on something dangerous, I become ​impossible to find. I disappear.

In this instalment, I talk about my two biggest ​disapearance acts. At one point in my life, I ​was a working social anthropologist. This was ​my life path until 2016, when I had to walk ​away. Why? To do what I do now. The second ​major disappearance I made was recently. It ​entailed a long rest from a thriving social ​media presence and a large community. In ​both cases, as with all choices, I did what I ​had to do to serve my role in this Universe. I ​did it to stay true to Planet Earth. I did it to ​stay healthy and alive. Yes, it really was like ​that.

These are some of the most difficult ​moments where my integrity was tested.

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Episode ​5

Beyond "The Keepers": ​Exploring the Evil Web of ​Joseph​ Maskell

This story takes place in the city of ​Baltimore, Maryland. It is about a nun ​named Sister Cathy, a priest called Father ​Maskell, and a web of dark energy that I ​was called to fix. The same Sister Cathy ​and Father Maskell the Netflix docuseries ​‘The Keepers’ was about.

Sister Cathy, a nun who is no longer with ​us, called me to this project to help with ​her unsolved business: bringing justice to ​the many vulnerable believers who were ​hurt by Maskell, and more importantly, to ​show me the web of evil that his actions ​had created.

In pt 1, I talk about tracking Maskell and ​discovering the wake with he left his ​misdeeds. Through 7 Parishes, in and out ​of schools, and often alone with children, ​Maskell was (is) a true representation of ​evil on Earth.

Hear what I did to help find and ​disempower​ ​the web his evil had created.

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